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E Lynne Kelley

E. Lynne Kelley, M.D. FACS


Dr. E. Lynne Kelley is the CEO and Chief Medical Officer for Signalexis Inc., a clinical-stage oncology company and subsidiary of Biolexis Therapeutics which develops novel small molecule therapies. Under Dr. Kelley’s direction, Signalexis is working on a novel oral small molecule RORgT inverse agonist—which is entering a phase 1b study for advanced and metastatic solid tumors in pancreatic cancer and melanoma—and a CDK-9 inhibitor for which IND enabling work is being completed.

A board certified general and vascular surgeon, Dr. Kelley brings more than 15 years’ experience in leading clinical development programs for biological and pharmaceutical products and novel devices at emerging and established life science companies. Dr. Kelley acted as CEO/CMO for Xenthera, which evolved into Signalexis upon forming a partnership with Biolexis. Previously, Dr. Kelley was CMO of the US division of Servier Pharmaceuticals, which focused on oncology drug development and commercialization. Additionally, she acted as CMO for X4, a company focused on rare immunology, hematologic malignancies, and histogenics. There Dr. Kelley led the development of restorative cell therapies to replace damaged cartilage and oversaw a Phase 3 clinical trial and regulatory submission for X4’s flagship program. She also served as CMO for Senseonics, which produced a novel implantable continuous glucose monitor, and held medical leadership positions at companies such as Becton, Dickinson, Kimberly-Clark, and Boston Scientific.

Dr. Kelley received her medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School. She trained at Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital and was a practicing vascular surgeon and interventionist at Yale University. Dr. Kelley was named Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, was awarded an NIH research grant at Harvard, and received the Marco Polo Fellowship studying minimally invasive surgery for carotid and peripheral vascular diseases at Hospital Henri Mondor in Paris. Lynne holds several patents for both device invention and method of use for drugs and has authored numerous articles for peer-reviewed publications. She also served on the board of Equalize Health, a non-profit medical device company with a mission to improve care in developing countries and is currently on the board of Dartmouth’s Global Center for Health Equity.

Hariprasad Vankayalapati

Hariprasad Vankayalapati, M.Pharm, PhD

 Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Hariprasad Vankayalapati is a leading industry force in the discovery of targeted therapeutics for oncological, immunological, and CSN/neurodegenerative applications. Along with his colleague Dr. David Bearss, Hari founded Biolexis Therapeutics in 2021 and developed the groundbreaking MolecuLernTM, a technology that enables rapid discovery and development of novel clinical candidate agents for a variety of therapeutic applications.

Dr. Vankayalapati has a storied career in the industry and in academia. In addition to being a founder of Biolexis Therapeutics, Hari was a founder of Oncolexis Therapeutics and Arrien Pharmaceuticals, and served as CSO for both companies. In the role of Associate Professor at Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Translational Genomics Research Institute, Hari supported drug discovery programs for cancer immunotherapeutics. He also served as Chief Scientist at the Center for Investigational Therapeutics at Huntsman as well as for the School of Medicine at the University of Utah. While at Huntsman, Hari was instrumental in the discovery of two agents, which are currently in clinical trials. Additionally, while acting as Chief Scientist at Supergen, Inc. (now Astex/Otsuka Pharmaceuticals), he was key in the development of three clinical agents and several preclinical candidates. While there, Hari also developed CLIMB technology and co-founded Montigen Pharmaceuticals with Dr. Bearss, which was acquired by SuperGen in 2006 for $40 million.

Hari is the author of more than 70 publications and is an inventor with several US/WO patents. He earned PhD and MPharm degrees in Medicinal Chemistry from the Institute of Chemical Technology at the University of Mumbai and the University of Karnataka, respectively. He completed postdoctoral training in Organic Chemistry at the University of Sunderland in England and in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Arizona Cancer Center under Professor Laurence H. Hurley. n England and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Arizona Cancer Center under Prof. Laurence H. Hurley.

David Taylor

David Taylor

Chief  Financial Officer

David Taylor has been in the startup world for over 15 years, playing key management roles in a variety of industries. Prior to working in startups, David spent 14 years in investment banking in management and as a capital markets product specialist.

As the Business Manager to the CEO of Commerzbank North America, David assisted in the acquisition and integration of Dresdner Bank as part of his efforts to develop and execute the bank’s long-term strategic plan. David also served as Vice President in Dresdner’s Debt Principal Finance & Securitization group where he built and maintained a $12 billion portfolio of structured finance transactions for clients such as Goldman Sachs, Ford Motor, and Banco Itau.

David earned an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University, where he double majored in Finance and Management & Organizational Behavior. He is a Certified Corporate FP&A Professional (FPAC).



Our Story

Signalexis Assets Have A Competitive Advantage Because Of Their Origin

Signalexis is focused on developing novel small molecule therapeutics for solid tumor oncology and I-O targets to improve the lives of patients fighting cancer. All of our assets have been generated/originated through MolecuLern™ and Biolexis Therapeutics.

Biolexis Therapeutics’ MolecuLern™ process combines empirical wet lab data from its proprietary chemical library with novel AI/ML training sets to develop innovative NCEs, reducing discovery costs and accelerating development timelines.

Signalexis experienced leadership team includes: Lynne Kelley MD, FACS; Hariprasad Vankayalapati, M. Pharm., PhD; Mike McCullar, PhD, MBA; and David Taylor, MBA, FPAC

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